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Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate 5 Ltr

Impact -IIC 118B

Rs 16000/-

Better lowspeed stirring with even small liquid volume. Better quality motorfor higher Torque at low speeds. Stirring accomplished by small Teflon coated magnetic paddle. Paddle size as per Magnetic stirrer cap. Requirement. Better mineral/Glass-wool Insulated. Accurate speed control & Temperature control. S. Steel 304 grade Top housing. Better quality Kanthal heaters all fire proof wiring connection better durability. Designed to reduce the fumes entrance in the unit. Control Panel : Speed Regulator, Temp. Indicator & Mains Material : CRC/MS sheet duly powder coated Optional : : All S. Steel body having S. Steel Top Magnetic Stirrer without hot plate having different dimension Duty Cycle : Continuous Power Consumption : 220/230V AC 50 HZ single Phase