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Microscope Monocular

Radical (RM-2A)

Rs 8000/-

Stand & Body: Aluminum Heavy Horse Shoe Base, All body parts are of aluminum die – casting and oven painted. Observation Head: Monocular Tube inclinable upto 90 degrees, Mechanical tube length 160mm. Nosepiece: Triple revolving nosepiece with positive centering & click stops. Focusing: Rack & Pinion with Coarse & Fine focusing knobs Stage: Fixed square stage ,size 120mmx120mm with slide holding clips. Condenser: Fixed position ABBE Condenser N.A.1.2 with IRIS diaphragm & Filter holder Safety Device: Adjustable down stopper to prevent accidental damages to slides. Illumination: PlanoConcave mirror diameter 50mm mounted on gimble mount. Objectives: Achromatic 10X & 40XSL. Eyepieces: Huygenian 10X and 15X. Magnification: 40600X