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Finnpipette F3 1-10ml Variable

Thermo fisher

Rs 7066/-

AVG mechanism for accuracy and precision. Additionally, we separated the mechanism from the pipette hull, which considerably increases its durability. To eliminate possible effects of hand warmth, we isolated the adjustment mechanism thermally from the pipette hull. Large and Clear Display: In order to provide the users with an easy volume recognition, we chose to improve the vision comfort by providing Finnpipette F3 with a sizeable black and white display with large digits. A fine adjustment ruler to enhance the superior precision and accuracy of the pipette. Light Pipetting Action: We are familiar with the conditions in which the users employ pipettes. Consequently, we focused on ergonomics and designed the Finnpipette F3 handle using extensive testing and research to increase user comfort. Double-Action Pipetting Hat: A revolutionary double-action pipetting hat with a rotating upper part enabling a smooth and steady pipetting action, simultaneously preventing any accidental volume alterations. In addition, the lower volume adjustment wheel remains light to control and offers an excellent grip. In Finnpipette F3 we combined form and function to meet the needs of our customers willing to bring accuracy to another level.