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Table Top Autoclave 178 Ltr

Impact IIC 125D

Rs 850000/-

Outer SS sheet chamber inner S.S. 304 o Better mineral/glass-wool Insulation keeps the surface Temperature normals avoid heat/steam loss. Unique design of Radial locking for minimum steam loss, assure accurate steam generation / sterilization. S. Steel 304 grade argon welded cylindrical innerTank/Vessel having S. Steel tabular immersion heaterfor steam generation. Lid is made of Thick mild Steel Plain Lined with S. Steel sheetfor double protection Optional: Ail S. Steel Thick Lined Lid/ S.S. Ring 304 grade (All outer S. S. outer Body -304 grade Steel On Customer request). Fitted with Painted mild steel Ring & Radial locking duly chrome plated. Paddle lifting device is also provided. Lid is having built in safety valve, Release Valve Pressure gauge, water level I Indicator Supplied with S. Steel cylindrical basket. Pressure range is adjustable from 05 to 20 PSI ± 3 PSI or better. Optional : Pressure control switch Automatic low water Cut off Device / with Alarm Timer 0-60 minute Digital Indicator/Digital Timer 0-999 Min/Hrs. Applications: Useful for hospital Research, Pharmaceutical, Cement & Bio Tech Laboratory. Technical Parameters : Pressure Range : 5to 20PSI ± 3PSI Temperature Range : 120°C approx, at 15 20PSI approx. Power Consumption : 220/230 V AC ±10%, Single Phase 50Hz Control Panel : Temp. / Pressure Indicator, Pressure Switch, Optional : Timer 0-60 minute/PID Controller