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Fume Hood

Impact IIC 149

Rs 1200000/-

I IC Fume Hoods are based on the containment technology, i.e. the negative pressure relative to exterior is maintained within the interior of the hood to prevent any toxic vapours from escaping and air is drawn at a consistent rate into the hood. Experimental procedures are performed within the hood which is consistently and safely ventilated, usually by means for extract blower and ductwork. When exhausted to the external environment, chemical fumes are diluted over in the atmosphere and become negligible effect to human health.Outerbody made of Wooden & Platform made of S.S./GraniteNertified Tile Internal Working Zone : 1200x1200x990 Ductwork required is separate for Fume Hoods. Optional with cupboard at bottom& Full body made of Stainless Steel OR Mild Steel