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Advance Research Biological Trinocular Microscope

Radical RXLr-5

Rs 950000/-

Body : Rugged, single die cast, ergonomic design, touch point treated, ON/OFF Switch, Rubber feet, slot for Ana/Pol, light intensity, display, synchronized, light limiting function Optical system: Universal Infinite optical system (Parfocal Distance 45mm), Color corrected, Anti Fungal, antibacterial coated Illumination: Pre-centered & Cordless Lamp House, Koehler’s illumination, Field Diaphragm, Fly Eye optics, High Performance 5W LED with 50,000Hrs Life, Lumens equivalent 100W Halogen , Energy Saving mode for Auto-Turn-off of illumination source. Frame: Rigid, Anti Mold treated, inbuilt SMPS with worldwide voltage, Field Diaphragm, 3 Slots in built filters for LBD / ND (ND-25,ND-6) Viewing Head: Sidentopf Trinocular Head 3 Position (100:0/50:50/0:100) Light distribution ratio, Inclined 30° Rotatable 360° with IPD 48- 75mm, FOV 25mm Eyepiece: High Point Wide-field WF 10X /FOV 25mm with built in diopter adjustment Nosepiece: Reversed Sextuple nosepiece with slots for POL/DIC Sliders Objectives: Infinity Plan Objectives, 2x,4X, 10X, & Infinity Plan Fluotar 20X, 40X (SL) 60X(SL) & 100X (SL) Oil Mechanical Stage : Rectangular reckless stage, Right hand control , Ceramic coated hard surface , double slide holder, Travel 50×78mm, ergonomic low Position XY controls (vertical extendable). Condenser : Universal Condenser 5 Position N.A. 1.25 , Filter holder, Iris diaphragm (for BF &PH,) from 2X-100X Magnification Focusing : Tension control , Fine & Coarse focusing control, Both Side available , & Upper limit Stopper , Focusing stroke :35 mm fine: 0.1 mm/rotation (Minimum fine reading: 1 μ m) Multi Viewing Attachment: Side by Side Multi viewing attachment for 2 Observer(Other than Main Observer), with 3 Color LED Pointer, 360 Degree Rotatable Observation Head: 2 Nos : Binocular Sidentopf , Inclined 30° Rotatable 360° with IPD 48- 75mm, FOV 25mm Eyepieces: 4 Nos , WF 10X/25mm with built in diopter adjustment.