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Plant Growth Chamber 800 Ltr

Icon Instrument Compant

Rs 1200000/-

• Refrigerated Incubation & freezing in one unit. • Better mineral &Puf Insulated to keep the surface Temp. of body comfortable & Avoid loss of heating & Cooling. • Silent energy saving Kirloskar/Tecumseh Compressor designed to circulate uniform air throughout the chamber with better designed imported coil condenser, copper coil improved Temp. distribution. • Polish 304 grade S. Steel interior corrosion resistant long life operation having adjustable shelves to make more space for different height. • Kanthal A-1 tubular heater is fitted for better accuracy. • Provide with Digital Temp. Controller having 2 set point for Day & Night /Microprocessor Based PID Temp. Controller, having Separate Control Relay/ SSR. • Safety system is provided with the Digital Temp. system. • Kanthal A-1 steel tubular immersion heater are provide in the steam bath for humidity injection / spray for better result & long life.