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Water bath

Impact IIC104

Rs 250000/-

 Multitudes of Bath size for Varities of application expectation  Small to large capacity Bath, heater element top cover & other wetted Parts with 304 grade S. Steel for years of life & easy of daily clean.  S. Steel perforated 304 grade diffuser plate.  Drain Plug made of brass duly Nickled on the back of the bath.  Full feature with Digital Temp. Controller / Indicator & Microprocessor Based PID Temp. Controller Cum Indicator (On customer demand)  Stability up to 0.1°C or better.  Better mineral / glasswool insulation to keep the surface comfortable to work  Low water cut off system / water level with Indicator (Provided on customer request)  Best quality Bi-Metallic capillary Thermostat to give accurate results  Digital Model Also Available