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Sonicator Ultrasonic Cleaner


Rs 350000/-

Laboratory & Pharmaceutical Cleaning Applications. Our Sonicator Bath Ultrasonic cleaners to fulfill all cleaning needs of your labs. Sonicator Bath Ultrasonic Cleaners will save time and reduce effort while providing a safe solution for your cleaning needs. Now - A - Days Ultrasonic Cleaner is essential tool for Scientific & Pharma Labs. There are many uses of ultrasonic cleaner in QC, R&D & Analytical Labs such as, Dissolve, disperse, and emulsify samples Sonochemestry i.e. degassing the solution Cleaning the glass ware, Lab Instruments Sonicator Bath Ultrasonic Cleaner (Sonicator) has design with MOSFET /IGBT & latest Micro-contoller base technology. A laboratory will require a cleaning system to ensure that items are completely clean and free from contaminants prior to each use. Any residue or debris left from previous processing could provide inaccurate and incorrect testing results. The use of delicate instruments in the laboratory makes ultrasonic a perfect technology for cleaning and reprocessing. The gentle yet effective cleaning action ensures that contaminants are removed but instruments are not damaged. Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology: Ultrasonic waves is the term used to describe waves having a frequency above the audible range of humans. Whenever high intensity ultrasound isapplied to a liquid, the result is millions of millions of tiny bubbles (or cavities) in a liquid. Cavitation is produced by the alternating high and lowpressure waves generated by high frequency (ultrasonic) sound. During the low pressure phase, these bubbles grow from microscopic size until,during the high pressure phase, they are compressed and implode known as cavitation. Whenever this happens at the interface of the parts to be cleaned, the surface of the parts-because of the relative lack of compressibility on the part of the cleaning fluid-will experience a local impact. Features: Compact, lightweight, very efficient - saving valuable and costly power. Rugged and reliable systems. Micro Controller base Digital Timer. With latest MOSFET base technology. Automatic frequency tuning for maximum output. Low transducer losses permit maximum cleaning action. Modular generator for easier modification/Servicing. Rugged and easy to clean stainless steel housing. Extensively protected electronics circuits for longer and safe operation. Frequency 33+ 3 KHz Input voltage range of 170AC-270AC.50 Hz One Year Warranty. EASY MAINTENANCE: The maintenance required is minimum due to high quality components and design, but following maintenance should be done to avoid any defect. Clean all outerand visible parts properly. Any unauthorized person/agencies should not be allowed to do any repair.